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Legendary guitarist Chris Newland and his virtuoso sidekick on blues harp Paul Pacifico, have been playing the blues together for 7 years.  What started off as a fun project between the two, has now broadened, garnering a fine selection of foot thumping songs as well as bringing in some seriously hot musicians to the project to boot.   Quirky they most definitely are. 

Pacifico Blues listeners have described their sound as  “The lemon twister in a shot of bourbon”  and that listening to them is like “gazing through your tears at the warped image of your worn out shoes and feeling those tears slide down through the conduits of a crooked smile”.   Either way they have a real yin & yang approach to the blues that make their gigs that extra bit special.

For more information about Pacifico Blues, please CLICK HERE to visit the website.

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